Busted! 21 Wealdstone dumpers caught and fined!

21 households (including businesses) have been fined for illegally dumping waste on Wealdstone High Street.

Over the last month, we’ve been giving Wealdstone a forensic treatment to tackle fly-tipping as part of a trial. Over the course of a month our eagle eyed enforcement officer has traced the disgusting mess back to 21 households as well as some local businesses.

They shamelessly dumped their household waste which included filthy items such as raw meat, dental products, cardboard boxes, and food waste. They thought they’d get away with it, but the law caught up with them!

Watch our enforcement activity.

Cllr Varsha Parmar, cabinet member for environment said:

“Like our residents, it makes me so angry that the taxpayer has to foot the bill to clear up after these disgusting people blighting the borough. Fly-tipping isn’t just anti-social, it’s filthy! If you make our borough dirty, then you pay the consequences.

“We’re not just stopping here, we will continue to come after people who make our borough dirty and we’ll soon be targeting our other hotspot areas. If you see a fly-tip or someone dumping waste illegally report it to us online.”

Report all instances of fly-tipping online

Published: December 19th 2019