Harrow’s drive for fair and green parking permits

Harrow Council is proposing changing the pricing structure for parking permits to make it fairer to all car users - and we want residents and businesses to have their say.

Did you know that an increasing number of permits are currently being issued for free? Most of these vehicles are hybrids - which are not only some of the most expensive cars on the road but they also use fossil fuels and give off emissions.

The huge increase in the number of low-emitting cars on the road was not what was envisaged in our last parking permit review in 2011, which is why there is a need for change.

The Council’s now proposing to spread charges more evenly, without raising any extra revenue. This will mean many Harrow permits would become cheaper. Charges come in for the first time on electric and hybrid vehicles – but at a lower rate than higher-emitting petrol cars, with a further surcharge for heavily polluting and diesel vehicles.

Councillor Varsha Parmar, Environment Portfolio Holder for Harrow Council, said:

“This is not about increasing overall revenue from permits. What we are trying to do is make things fairer – right now we must hand out the most free parking permits in London! Under the proposals, cheapest rates will go to zero emission (electric) and the charges will then increase as the level of emissions increases."

“We want to continue to encourage residents to drive low- and zero-polluting vehicles. Concerns about air quality and the climate emergency remain at the forefront of our minds in this consultation and that means we’ll keep on charging extra for households with lots of cars.”

Proposed changes can be summarised as follows:

  • Residents with lower-emitting petrol and diesel vehicles will pay less for their permits,
  • Residents with higher-emitting petrol and diesel vehicles will pay a little more for their permits,
  • Residents with hybrid vehicles would now be required to pay for parking permits, but much less than for higher-emitting vehicles,
  • Residents with zero emission vehicles (electric) will pay a relatively small charge to cover administration cost of permit issue,
  • New permits are being created for Doctors (GPs) which are proposed to vary according to the emissions level of the vehicle,
  • Business parking permit charges will be amended to vary according to both emissions level of the vehicle and the location of the business, with higher charges allocated to areas of higher economic importance,
  • A new “traders permit” will operate in a similar way to business permit holders but allow traders a range of shorter-stay options.

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Published: September 17th 2019