New community portal to help keep you safe and informed about local crime

Community safety – a hot topic in Harrow at the moment!

And to help keep you informed about what’s happening and to find out about the latest on local crimes, the Online Watch Link (OWL) is being introduced to Harrow from this September!

OWL helps to tackle local crime and make the borough a safe place to live and work. It’s already running really well in neighbouring boroughs Brent and Barnet and now it’s Harrow’s turn to join as part of the tri-borough merger. It helps the police, council, and residents by sending crime alerts and help track criminal activities.

Inspector Tanya Sprunks, from Harrow Police said:

“OWL helps the police and the council to communicate on time critical issues and lets different local communities work with us to quickly spread the message and raise awareness. OWL has been used successfully to tackle crime in many boroughs and it will in Harrow too. There are also other benefits as well - OWL helps prevent burglaries and can help capture suspects on the run. It also finds missing people and alerts everyone to other potential risks, such as road closures.”

Having won several awards for keeping communities safe, OWL has also received approved from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and is extensively used to share information with other boroughs, to spread information about criminals operating beyond county lines.

It’s free to sign up for OWL, and for more information, visit www.owl.co.uk

Published: August 28th 2019