Have your say on the future of Harrow's Low Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes

The Covid-19 pandemic created new challenges in Harrow, including the need to socially distance.

In May 2020 the Government issued guidance for local authorities to take immediate action to create space for people to socially distance and encourage walking and cycling while public transport was at reduced capacity.

Four temporary low traffic neighbourhood schemes (LTN) were put in place. This was following government guidance. The objective was to create space for people to socially distance while public transport was at reduced capacity. The intention was to make streets safer, quieter, less polluted, and encourage walking and cycling.. The LTNs were introduced in areas which have suffered historically from vehicular traffic using residential streets as cut-throughs, causing environmental and road safety problems for residents.
The schemes were implemented using experimental traffic regulation orders (ETRO) for trial periods of six-months.
We have engaged with residents, ward councillors and key stakeholders including the emergency services throughout the trial periods. The Council has committed to holding monthly reviews and a consultation as part of the six-month review process.
As we near the six-month review, we would like your views as to how we progress with the schemes.

All residents living within the Headstone South, Vaughan Road and Francis Road LTNs and the surrounding roads will receive consultation documents through the door from Thursday 25 February.

Read more about the LTN proposals:

Southfield Park

The Southfield Park LTN scheme is not part of this consultation. A decision has been taken by the Corporate Director for Community to suspend the operation of the Southfield Park LTN. It was taken in consultation with the portfolio holder for Environment and the Leader of the Council. The decision was due to the complexities of this particular scheme and the unintended impact on surrounding streets. Specifically Manor Way and Priory Way. This means no fixed penalty notices will be issued for the scheme.

We recognise how important any changes to the road network are to you, that is why we will consider new proposals to mitigate traffic pressures on the local area. We will write to residents again in late spring/early summer with an update on progress.

What do you need to do now?

The consultation period has now ended.

What happens next?

All responses received during the consultation process will be analysed and recommendations presented in a consultation summary report.

Public Consultation Timetable
Consultation on proposal begins 25th February 2021
Consultation ends (Survey closes) 23rd March 2021
Consultation results presented at special Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel meeting 22nd April 2021

Thank you for taking part.