When a premises licence ends

You must tell the licensing authority if there are changes to the:

  • name of the premises licence holder
  • address of the premises licence holder
  • designated premises supervisor

You may be committing an offence if you do not advise us. 

It is helpful, but you do not need to tell us, if the name of the premises has changed.

A premises licence ends when it:

  • is revoked following a licence review
  • expires because it is time-limited 
  • is surrendered

or if the premises licence holder:

  • becomes insolvent
  • dies
  • is dissolved as a company

It is possible to apply to take over a premises licence under an Interim Authority Notice. This can be when the premises licence holder becomes insolvent, dies, or the company is dissolved.

Premises licence suspensions

Premises licence holders must pay an annual fee on the anniversary of the licence being granted. It lasts for the following 12 months. The fee is set by central government and relates to the rateable value of the premises.

Fees are payable within 21 days of the anniversary of the date the licence was granted. Invoices will be sent.

If the fee is not paid 2 working days’, notice will be given in writing that the licence will be suspended. It will then be an offence to use the licence until the outstanding amount is cleared. Copies of the suspension notice are also sent to the police.

Details of how to pay are specified on the back of the invoice. In the interest of expediency please email the licensing authority once payment has been made: licensing@harrow.gov.uk

Licensing suspensions

Telephone: 020 8736 6257