Pending licence applications

Make a representation

Please use the button below to download the application form to make a representation against a premises licence or club premises certificate under the Licensing Act 2003:

Submit a representation


What happens after you submit a representation?

If you have made a valid representation about a licence application it will be passed to the applicant for them to respond. They may contact you to discuss your concerns and to see whether there are any licence conditions or changes to the application that might address your concerns.

You do not have to agree to any proposals if you do not want to or you can suggest other conditions that might be of benefit. The discussions can only consider preventing crime, disorder or public nuisance, protecting public safety or protecting children from harm.

The council will arrange a Licensing Panel of three councillors to consider your representation and those of any other people that we receive. The meeting will be held in public, no later than four weeks at the end of the consultation period, which you can attend. You can address the councillors if you wish.

You may supply additional information either before or at the hearing, and bring other people (but they will be limited as to what they can say).  Full details of the hearing will be provided in writing. You must confirm if you will be attending the meeting, at least 5 working days before the date of the meeting.