Licence application objections

Residents and businesses are able to comment on some licence applications that we receive.

You may wish to contact the licensing team first, to discuss your concerns. They will advise what options are available to you. 

You can download information about objecting to alcohol, entertainment and late-night take-away licence applications.

If you wish to formally object to an application, you must submit your objection in writing. It must be received before the relevant consultation period ends. You must include your name and address and detailed reasons for your objection when you contact the licensing team (contact details are below).

Grounds for objections

Objections may only be made on the grounds outlined below:

Type of application

Grounds for objection

Alcohol, entertainment and late night take-away licences under the Licensing Act 2003

- crime and disorder
- public safety
- public nuisance
- poses harm to children

Gambling and betting under the Gambling Act 2005

- crime and disorder
- gambling isn’t fair and open
- poses harm to children and vulnerable people

Pavement licences

- public safety
- crime and disorder
- highway obstruction
- nuisance

Street trading

- highway obstruction
- nuisance

Sex establishments

- the applicant is unsuitable
- the location is unsuitable

Objections on any other grounds, or which are frivolous or irritating, will be rejected.

Objections are shared with applicants so names and addresses may be disclosed unless you specifically ask us to withhold your details.

Your names and addresses are not disclosed to applicants for sex establishment licences.

Objections against the Licensing Act, Gambling Act or sex establishment applications may result in the matter going to a public hearing.

Your objection will form part of the report that is considered by councillors and will be available to the public to read.

You can attend the hearing and put forward your objection in person, or be represented.

If you have objected to a licence and are not happy with the decision, you will be notified about your specific rights of appeal, as your ability to appeal and the timescale for making an appeal varies between different types of licences.

View current applications

Details of applications, including the deadline for comments, can be found on our current applications page.