Designated premises supervisor

A premises where alcohol is sold (under a Premises licence) must have a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). It is the duty of the DPS to supervise alcohol sales.

A DPS can name other people who can sell alcohol under the authority of their own Personal licence.

The DPS does not always have to be the Premises licence holder, although this may sometimes be the case.

The DPS should be a key point of contact for the premises at all times. This is so licensing authorities, police or fire services can get in touch with them.

Provide information about a new DPS

To change the details of a DPS you will need to:

  • complete an application to vary a Premises licence to specify an individual as a DPS
  • complete a DPS consent form
  • provide both parts of the Premises licence
  • provide contact details and a method of payment for the fee of £23.00*

You can send the above to our licensing team at:

*To submit your £23.00 fee, please provide a daytime contact number we can contact you on to take a Credit or Debit card payment.

Resign an existing DPS

To resign an existing DPS you will need to:

  • submit a notification to the licensing authority
  • submit a notification to the person who holds the Premises licence.

Submit the notification

If you are submitting your application by a paper form, please send it to: Licensing Officer, Metropolitan Police, Harrow Police Station, 74 Northolt Road, Harrow, HA2 0DN.