Complaints about licensed premises

Our enforcement policy

We regularly inspect licensed premises to help licence-holders meet their licence conditions. 

Inspecting premises

Premises are inspected on a risk-assessed basis. Our officers visit:

  • alcohol-licensed premises following either a complaint, or a change of designated premises supervisor
  • each special treatment premises once a year (apart from low-risk premises in Band A)
  • shisha premises “as and when”
  • a quarter of betting premises each year
  • all pet shops and animal boarding establishments

Breach of premise licence conditions

When licence conditions are not followed, we enforce our policies according to the following scale:

  • offer advice, information and assistance
  • issue informal warnings
  • issue formal written warnings
  • issue a simple caution
  • prosecute offenders in court

Our enforcement policy is available on request.

Additional powers

Where we have the powers to do so we may also:

  • issue a licensed premises closure notice (for premises under the Licensing Act 2003)
  • require a minor variation application to be made (for premises under the Licensing Act 2003)
  • apply for the licence to be renewed (for premises under the Licensing Act 2003 or Gambling Act 2005)
  • impose additional licence conditions
  • refuse to renew a licence
  • revoke a licence

Copies of our inspection records are provided to licence-holders after each visit. Templates of our inspections checklists are available from the licensing team.

Licences and street trading

Address: Licencing Team
Harrow Council Hub
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