Additional licensing scheme

If you’re renting out a small House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) you must apply for a licence under the additional scheme, as prescribed by the Housing Act 2004.

A property is defined as a small HMO if all of the following apply

  • it’s rented to three or more people who form more than one household
  • tenants share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities

Buildings which are converted entirely into self-contained flats which do not comply with the Building regulations 1991 section 257 Housing Act 2004, are also required to be licenced under the additional licensing scheme.

These types of properties are considered potentially high risk. Therefore it's necessary for the council to ensure fire safety standards, basic amenities and the general management of the properties are being met.

For more information see the additional licensing designation.

Apply for an additional licence

Additional licensing scheme fees

Landlords and agents:

  • new applications: £1475.30
  • renewal to cover the administration and inspection costs of the licence procedure: £1045.90
  • renewal with material change: £1475.30

There is a discount of £75 available on the first application, for landlords who are currently members of an accredited scheme.

Licensing registers