Registered teacher programme RTP (primary or early years)

Employment based route to teaching

This is a two-year employment based route into teaching. It is rarely available with Harrow schools. Very few places are available nationally and lots of people are interested in it.

Most years there is likely to be only one school in Harrow willing and able to consider this route. It is usually only for staff they know well and already employ, such as teaching assistants.

The local approved Designated Recommending Body offering RTP is London Metropolitan University. The University of Hertfordshire does not offer RTP.

 To join the RTP you need to:

  • have qualifications accepted as two thirds of a UK honours degree relevant to the national curriculum
  • have a minimum of two weeks work experience in a school  
  • find a school willing to employ you while training - this is more likely where you have already worked in schools
  • preferably have one term's appropriate school experience (paid or unpaid) and knowledge of the national curriculum  
  • have GCSE English and Maths grade A-C (or equivalencies) and Science GCSE (or equivalency)
  • gain approval from a DRB for the training programme of your choice

Typically DRBs prefer the full GCSEs A* - C grade rather than equivalencies. Some may seek grade B's. During RTP you must complete a full UK honours degree.

Useful links

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