Irish trained teachers and statutory induction

The Department for Education has clarified the status of Irish trained teachers in relation to statutory induction in England.

The following has been agreed with the Teaching Council in Ireland:

Teachers from Ireland who wish to work in England must apply for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). They are exempt from completing an induction period. However they must have have completed an induction with the Teaching Council in Ireland (TCI)

Teachers from Ireland with conditional registration with the TCI, but who haven't completed an induction are not eligible for QTS. Without QTS they are not eligible for a statutory induction. Therefore they're not eligible for the associated funding. This has always been the case. In the past the Department for Education in England was not involved in ‘Shadow’ inductions. With the introduction of the early career framework (ECF) the TCI has updated its procedures. It only recognises induction processes that are formally recognised by relevant, competent authorities.

Final year student teachers wishing to complete a recognised induction process overseas, were advised to see specific advice. This was announced in April 2021.

Teachers from Ireland with conditional registration status can work as teachers in England without QTS. They can teach without QTS for up to four years in a maintained school. They can do so for an unlimited period in an academy, free school, or private school. However without QTS they will not be eligible for induction.

To gain full registration in Ireland teachers with conditional registration status can complete 'Droichead'. This is the formal induction process in Ireland. The TCI will also recognise formal induction processes completed in other countries where they are recognised by the competent authority.

If they do wish to gain QTS in the future, their main options are:

  • once they have two years of experience, they can apply for QTS via the assessment only route to QTS
  • gain their full registration in Ireland and then apply for QTS

Further guidance on the routes to QTS for non-UK teachers is available on