Trees on Council Housing Estates

Harrow Council has compiled a database of all the trees in the borough. It identifies tree types, their condition, and who is responsible for their maintenance.  

We have a cyclical programme of tree pruning, split into phases.  The aim is to avoid trees becoming overgrown, blocking light or causing a nuisance. We prioritise urgent cases such as trees causing structural damage or concern.

Structural issues

Cut back any trees touching buildings or if implicated in causing structural damage. You may be asked to complete a Public Liability Claim form.

For further information email the Estate Services Team at or email 

Emergency / hazardous

These are trees which present a health and safety hazard such as a fallen tree, or one that is leaning or uprooted. Email our Infrastructure Team at

Estate / communal areas

If you believe a tree is overgrown, blocking light, touching telegraph wires on an estate, please email the Estate Services Team at

Individual gardens

Trees in individual gardens are the tenant's responsibility.

If a neighbouring tree is causing structural issues, please email

Concerning any referrals, please include any photographs, exact details of the location of the tree(s), the problem it is causing and any other useful information.