Shared ownership

Shared ownership is when you buy a percentage of a property and pay rent on the remainder. It means that buyers can proceed with a smaller deposit and mortgage than buying the property outright. It's an easier way to get on to the housing ladder when outright ownership is unaffordable.

How does shared ownership work?

The minimum share you can buy is 25%. You may be able to increase your share at a later date, which is known as 'stair-casing'. If you decide to move, you just sell your share for its market value.

Am I eligible for shared ownership?

To qualify for shared ownership you must:

  • have an annual income of less than £90,000
  • be able to afford a deposit and total monthly costs
  • not be in mortgage or rent arrears
  • have a good credit score

Additional criteria may also apply.

Where can I see available shared ownership properties?

Shared ownership properties are available across the UK. They are advertised on the Share to buy website.

As well as searching and registering for properties, you 'll find a lot of useful information about shared ownership and the eligibility criteria.

You can view further information about shared ownership on the: