Selling or re-mortgaging a Council leasehold property

You can sell your home, however:

  • If you sell within 5 years of purchasing in a Right to Buy scheme you will have to repay a percentage of the discount to the council.
  • You must first offer it back to the Council if you want to sell it within 10 years of purchase. This is called the Right of First Refusal.

What is the Right of First Refusal?

The Housing Act 2004 states that anyone who received their offer notice for Right to Buy or Right to Acquire after 18 January 2005 and wants to sell their home within the first 10 years of purchase must give Right of First Refusal to their former landlord (in this case Harrow Council). It also states the discount is also repayable up to the first 5 years.

There are certain circumstances that may influence Harrow Council’s decision whether to purchase or to nominate another Registered Provider to buy back such a property through the Right of First Refusal and the process for dealing with requests. For further guidance see Right of First Refusal (PDF).

Providing information

We can provide your solicitor with information regarding:

  • major works
  • service charges
  • building insurance
  • fire and asbestos assessments
  • approval of any alterations etc.

An administration charge will apply for the council to do this.

When you sell your home your solicitor must serve a “Notice of Transfer” on the Council. This confirms the details of the current and new owner(s) as well as the date of sale. The Council charges an administration fee for serving the “Notice.”

Re-mortgaging an ex-council property

You can re-mortgage your home. However, your lease places an obligation on you to notify us, within one month, if you sell or re-mortgage your property. We also charge an administration fee for dealing with the paperwork.