Report a home repair

Rechargeable repairs

We expect all council tenants to be responsible and ensure they, or their visitors, do not damage or misuse our property. We expect the property to be returned to us in a good clean condition with no rubbish. If it isn't returned to us in a reasonable condition, you may be charged for the costs of the works.

What is a rechargeable repair?

If you, your family, or friends cause damage to the property, you must repair it. Otherwise we may charge you for the repair work. If there is criminal damage you will need to provide us with a crime reference number.

The following are examples of rechargeable repairs:

  • gaining access to your property due to lost or forgotten keys
  • repairs required as a result of damage from yourself, household members or visitors
  • damage caused by leaks from washing machines or your own appliances or fittings
  • blocked drains, toilets, sinks, baths, washing machines etc (unless blockage caused by blocked drain)
  • broken glazing

If you have a question about why you are being charged, or about repayment, please contact us using the link below.

Ask about a rechargeable repair

What if I lose my house keys?

To avoid problems due to lost keys we recommend you leave a spare set with family, friends or neighbours. If you lose your keys or get locked out you'll be charged for any costs for gaining access to your home. If you do call us to attend a lock-out we'll attend as soon as possible. However you may have to wait if we're dealing with emergency repairs, as they take priority.

Are my repairs covered by insurance?

Some rechargeable repairs may be covered under home contents insurance. Premiums start from 38p per week. There is no increase in premium if you make a claim.  For further information see Home Contents Insurance for Council Tenants.