Relocating to another area

We can support you to move to another area, if you are a housing association or council tenant.

If you need to relocate you can apply to as many different councils as you want. However each council can decide how to prioritise the applications that they receive. They may give greater priority to people who have a local connection with the area that they cover. You will need to contact the council in the area that you wish to move, to find out more.

Home swap

If you are a council or Housing Association tenant you may be able to swap properties with a tenant in the area where you want to live. For more information see the mutual exchange page.

Homefinder UK scheme

The Homefinder UK scheme has been launched to assist people to relocate, often to other areas of the UK. Find out more about Homefinder UK.

Housing Moves

Housing Moves helps council tenants to find a property in other parts of London.  Priority is given for employment, education, care givers and under-occupiers.  For more information contact the housing options team.

Seaside and country homes scheme

The seaside and country homes scheme is only available to council and Housing Association tenants over 60 years of age. If you wish to register for seaside or country homes contact the housing options team. You can find out more information on seaside and country homes on the housing moves website.