Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange involves two or more social housing tenants swapping homes with each other. 

Mutual exchange offers tenants the opportunity to move within Harrow or to another part of the country. The scheme operates separately from our transfer scheme, so even if you're not eligible for a transfer, you can look for a move through mutual exchange. Whatever method you use to find your mutual exchange partner, you must not swap your home until all landlords have given their written permission. 

Both secure and assured tenants have the right to exchange homes. If you rent your property from a private landlord you are not eligible for a mutual exchange.

Mutual exchange schemes

We are a member of a number of national mutual exchange schemes. They all operate online databases of social housing tenants who wish to exchange their homes.  You can advertise your home on as many of these schemes as you want. 

It’s free for council tenants to register on any of the websites listed below.  After you have registered, Resident Services will be asked to approve your registration so that you can look at the properties advertised.

Exchanging with someone

When you have found someone to swap your home with you, all the parties in the exchange must complete a separate application form. 

Apply for a mutual exchange

When you have completed your application please return it to Resident Services.

After you have completed your mutual exchange application

  1. When your application has been submitted and assessed, your housing officer will send a reference to the landlord of the person you want to swap with. They will visit you to inspect your home to make sure that you have been keeping to the tenancy conditions and that no unauthorised improvements have been made.
  2. Once both landlords agree to the swap you will be invited to sign the deeds to exchange your homes.
  3. If either landlord does not agree to the exchange going ahead they have 42 days from the date of receiving your application forms to tell you why they do not agree to it. 
  4. You must not exchange your home until you have written permission from all landlords.