Social housing in Harrow

Housing associations

Housing Associations build, own, rent out and sell properties.

There are many housing associations working in Harrow. They provide many different types and sizes of properties. We work closely with housing association staff to ensure that developments reflect local needs. Some housing associations have specialist roles such as catering for people with special support needs or those from particular ethnic backgrounds.

A housing association tenancy can only be secured through a successful bid on our choice based letting scheme Locata.

There is a shortage of properties available to rent in the borough, demand outstrips the supply and most applicants without a significant housing need will never secure a tenancy with a housing association.

You can find advice about other options for families in the borough with a housing need on the Locata website.

Some housing associations accept a very small number of direct applications from the public. As the associations usually keep waiting lists, it is advisable to check to see if the list is very long or even closed.