Social housing in Harrow

After you have applied for social housing

Once you are accepted on to Locata's system, you can:

  1. view vacant properties on the internet in an e-magazine called Locata Home.
  2. bid for properties by telephone, text message, coupon or via the internet. When the bidding has finished, all qualified bids for each property are placed into priority order. Priority is first decided by band and second by date order within each band.
  3. arrange a viewing of a property. To reduce delay we may arrange multiple viewings for up to five members per property. You will have to bring proof of identity to the viewing.

when you have viewed a property

We prefer to confirm your identity with you before you view a property, but sometimes we may be able to do this at the viewing or after. We cannot sign you up to a tenancy if your details have not been confirmed. If your bid is successful you will be offered the property and invited to sign for the tenancy. If you refuse the property, the next person is selected unless you have been given a 'direct' offer. Direct offers are given if the Council has a legal duty to provide you with accommodation. If you have a direct offer you will need to explain and discuss your reasons for refusing it with a senior officer. The senior officer will advise you on your options before the next person is selected.

For council properties, the tenancy start date will normally be the first Monday after the tenancy agreement has been signed. Different housing associations may have different arrangements. You should check with the housing association for details.

Social housing waiting list

After you have completed the form you will be given an indication of your likely priority.  If you are placed in a lower band you are not likely to be offered social housing for many years, if ever. You will be given other options which may help you to improve your current housing position as an alternative to waiting for social housing.

Homefinder UK

You may be able to find a suitable home via Homefinder UK