Homefinder UK

Homefinder UK helps people find social housing outside their area. Harrow Council has joined the scheme in order to give residents the chance to move into homes more suitable for their household size and for their financial circumstances.  Most opportunities are outside of London (not in the South East).

You may be eligible for the scheme:

  • if you are a Harrow Council tenant or
  • if you have been accepted as homeless by Harrow Council and are currently living in temporary accommodation.

If you're a private tenant or home-owner then you will not be eligible at the moment.

Homefinder UK works with landlords to make as many properties available as possible. It may be the answer for you if you: 

  • are looking to move to be closer to employment opportunities, family members or friends
  • need to move to provide or receive care or support
  • want to downsize to a smaller property, for example to reduce the impact of the recent welfare reforms.

Support packages

Support packages are available for households who wish to move to a new area, including:

  • financial and budgeting advice,
  • how to access vital services such as local GPs in your new area and
  • transport information.

Additional support is also available for households who are looking to find a new job.

Find a home on the Homefinder UK website.