High Street Fund

High Street Fund: South Harrow

South Harrow is located in the south of the borough. The town centre runs south along Northolt Road from South Harrow Underground Station to the junction with Wyvenhoe Road.

The shopping area runs along the north/western side of Northolt Road and on the southern side of the road to the junction with Whitby Road. Also, on the southern side of Northolt Road from the junction with Whitby Road to Wyvenhoe Road and continues to the junction with Alexandra Avenue.

Through the High Street Fund programme, there is an opportunity to improve Northolt Road, South Harrow, to encourage more footfall and activity in the town centre creating a better environment for residents and local businesses.

South Harrow town centre is well served for convenience goods, services including a number of banks and community facilities, including a library, church and a medical facilities centre.

There is a reasonable selection of restaurants/cafés, mostly small independents.

The proposed improvements to Northolt Road, South Harrow high street area include new and improved Copenhagen crossings, outdoor seating areas, trees and planted spaces, new festive and feature lighting and artwork murals.

The changes will create a strong identity for South Harrow and help establish local pride.

You can read the consultation feedback and latest updates on the South Harrow High Street scheme below:

South Harrow Murals 

Based on feedback received from local residents, the mural for South Harrow bridge has now been selected.

Plans are to decorate the bridge and wall with a colourful image, produced by a commissioned artist. The design will display a welcoming message into the town centre, displayed on the bridge, with a mural on the wall below it.

Implementation of the mural is subject to agreement with TfL who own the site and is subject to planning approval.