Street Tag

School Leaderboard

We are looking for the most physically active primary school in Harrow! It is free for schools to take part in.

The Harrow Schools Leaderboard is an app-based physical activity initiative. It works by encouraging pupils' families to be more active by turning the world around them into a virtual playground.

Users win points by actively walking, running or cycling to the virtual tags that have been placed throughout their community.

The school leaderboard season is 14 weeks. At the end of each season performance bonuses are awarded.

Harrow Primary Schools Leaderboard Prizes

  • First Prize: £100 for the School PTA
  • Second Prize: £75 for the School PTA
  • Third Prize: £50 for the School PTA

What are the benefits?

  • It is a fun platform to motivate parents and children to be active in their local area.
  • It is free for parents to download and register to use.
  • To support children to achieve their 60 daily active minutes.
  • To develop team-building skills and a healthy competitive spirit.
  • To rediscover parks and green spaces.
  • An opportunity for the school PTA to win a performance bonus.
  • To reward healthy behaviour by encouraging parents and their children to walk or cycle to school.

Street Tag can be uploaded as a TfL STARS travel plan story and used as evidence towards your 2022 accreditation.

You could also set up a student working group to promote this amongst their peers and monitor the school's progress as a green travel initiative, or sports/ health initiative.

2023-24 Seasons:

  • Season 5- 31st March 23 to 10th July 23
  • Season 6- 10th July 23 to 7th Nov 23
  • Season 7- 7th Nov 23 to 28th Feb 24

Sign your school up

If you are interested in signing up for the Harrow Street Tag programme, please email MJ at or fill out the online form.

Season 4 Winners

Congratulations to our latest and most active schools in the borough:

  • Aylward Primary School
  • St Bernadette's Catholic Primary and Nursery
  • Weald Rise Primary School

This is a significant achievement for all schools especially Aylward Primary School, who are celebrating their first win. In this season's leaderboard, participants achieved over 67 million steps, collected 133,157 tags, and covered an incredible 70, 006 active miles.

Season 5 Winners

This Season's champions are:

  • In first place, St Georges Catholic Primary School, with a whopping 15,841,290 points.
  • In second place, Weald Rise Primary School with 11,414,325 points.
  • In third place, St Bernadettes Catholic Primary School and Nursery with 10,609,160 points.

This season's leaderboard achieved over 96 million steps, 205,328 tags were collected, and they covered 109,891 active miles.

Congratulations to our winner and everyone who took part