Joint strategic needs assessment

Needs of the local population

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment’s (JSNA’s) look at the health and well-being needs of the people living in the borough and help to plan health and social care services. Local authorities and clinical commissioning groups  are responsible for producing JSNAs. Many other partners are involved in the process, including service providers, voluntary organisations and bodies representing patients and service users.

JSNA’s provide a detailed picture of the needs of the local population so that services can be developed to address these needs. Hence it is important to keep up to date of the constantly changing health and social challenges and opportunities for those living in, working and visiting the London Borough of Harrow.

The Harrow JSNA online web-based tool allows us to pass on the most up to date information to our stakeholders. It consists of a series of subject specific documents covering the life course, each section within the life-course gives an assessment of the current and future needs of the population of Harrow.

Access the Harrow JSNA online tool.

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