Covid Winter Grant Scheme

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This scheme is not open for applications.

What is the Covid Winter Grant Scheme?

The government have given some limited funding to councils to help families with children to buy food.  There are two elements to the scheme:

  1. Free School Meals – vouchers provided through schools to those in the school in receipt of free school meals (this should also be provided by the school to those pupils who are in schools outside of the borough in which they live).
  2. Payments to families with children who are on low incomes to help buy food over the Winter period.

Why have I received a Covid Winter Grant Payment?

You have been identified as a family who may benefit from receiving additional financial support to help buy food for your children.  This is a one-off payment.  The Council has spent all of the money received from government to assist families in Harrow or for children who go to school in the borough.  No further funding is available.

My child is on free school meals and goes to school in another borough, but I haven’t received anything.  What should I do?

You should contact the school your child attends.  All London boroughs have agreed to support the appropriate pupils in their schools, irrespective of which borough they live within.

I think my child should get free school meals but they don’t.  What should I do?

Please apply here to receive further support throughout the year.  This is really important not just to get you the support that you need, but also to ensure that your child’s school receives the funding it is entitled to.  Once your eligibility for free schools meals is confirmed you will get support in the future, but this cannot be backdated.

How can I redeem the voucher(s)?

You need to redeem the voucher code(s) that is on the letter you have received.  Go to www.select-your-reward.co.uk and following the guidance on how to do this.

Why have I received more than one letter?

You will have qualified for a payment based on more than one eligibility criteria.  You should redeem all of the codes you have received on the different letters.

Where can I spend the voucher(s)?

The list of shops where the voucher can be spent is on the website www.select-your-reward.co.uk.  It is intended to help you buy food for your child(ren) over the Christmas period.

I’m having problems redeeming my voucher

The Council are not able to help you to redeem your voucher.  You should go to www.select-your-reward.co.uk for advice.

How long have I got to redeem the voucher?

You have 3 months to redeem the voucher, but we would encourage you not to wait and to use the voucher soon to buy food for your family.  We are unable to issue new voucher codes if you lose the letter.

I think I should have received more funding, what should I do?

Funding has been allocated based on information held by the Council.  As no further funding is available, the value of awards made cannot be increased.

Where can I find information about what other support is available to me in Harrow?

There is lots of information about financial and other support available on our Coronavirus page