HMM Tuesday Talk - Astronomy in Harrow: From Headstone to the Stars with Dr Chris Crowe

Opened in 2012 and used for education, outreach, astrophotography and research, the Rayleigh Observatory is Harrow's research-grade astronomical observatory facility.

Join Dr Chris Crowe, Head of Astronomy at Harrow School, for a whistle-stop tour of the history of astronomy in Harrow, stories of famous astronomers from the borough, and exciting tales from Harrow School. Explore the fascinating science behind the beautiful objects visible in the Harrow night sky, along with some interesting stories about recent discoveries. If the weather is clear the group will also use a powerful solar telescope to observe beautiful features on the surface of the Sun.

About the Speaker

Dr Chris Crowe is a professional astronomer, teacher, elected fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and received degrees in theoretical physics and mathematics from the universities of Nottingham and Cambridge. He is currently the Head of Astronomy and Director of The Rayleigh Observatory in London where he teaches astronomy. He works extensively in public outreach at science festivals across the UK and hosts public observing evenings. Previously part of a research team at the University of Cambridge studying the relic radiation from the big bang, he worked in the same department as the late Stephen Hawking while studying for his doctorate. Recently he has been part of a team designing a new state-of-the-art observatory in the Caribbean as a Director at the Astronome company. His main research interests are cosmology and the early Universe, and was part of the international Planck collaboration, a European Space Agency project which uncovered light from the earliest moments of the primordial Universe.

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Date: 2nd March 2021.

Location: Zoom

Cost: £2.50

Time: 14:00 - 15:00