Report a noise issue

Keeping a noise nuisance diary

A noise diary is a document on which you can record details of the noise disturbing you. 

It contains entries for the time, description and the effect the noise had on you. The diary needs to be maintained by the complainant for two weeks or until it is full (whichever is sooner). 

The Community Safety team use this diary to investigate the complaint.

Once completed, the record sheets should then be sent back to the Community Safety team.

If it is not returned after four weeks the team will send a reminder.

If the record sheets are still not returned after a further two weeks, the case will be closed.

If a noise pack is received by the Council at a later date and with information more than three months old, it may be necessary for a new pack to be sent out.

In order for the Community Safety team to take legal action on your behalf, an officer must first experience the noise and be satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists.

This means the noise occurring must be gross, persistent and regular and is likely to interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of your home.

If the Community Safety team cannot gather enough evidence to determine a statutory nuisance, or cannot take your case to court for other reasons, you can deal with the matter privately and take your case directly to the Magistrates' Court.

Explanation of decibels

Noise is measured in decibels. This table gives you an idea of how loud some common noises are:

Decibels Example
140 Fireworks
130 Noise this loud can hurt
120 Fire engine
110 Football crowd
100 Games arcade
90 Shouting
85 Noise this loud can damage hearing
80 Doorbell
70 Washing machine
60 Talking
50 Rainfall
40 Library
30 Bedroom at night
20 Radio studio
10 Breathing
0 Silence