Report a noise issue

Loud vehicles

Vehicle noises from a private property can be reported and investigated. If you be experiencing loud vehicle noises from your neighbours we suggest:

  • Having a friendly word with your neighbour about the problem where you feel safe doing so. If you are unsure how to approach them please refer to our 'top tips for approaching neighbours.'
  • Completing our noise diary sheets with dates and times of the incidents of persistent noise. You can upload the diary sheets to our noise reporting form. Once we receive your report, we will contact you to discuss your complaint and agree an action plan.

What if I want to escalate the issue?

Below are useful links should you wish to escalate the noise nuisance:

Report a noise nuisance

To report a noise nuisance you will need:

  • information about what the noise nuisance is
  • information on the occurrences of the noise such as time patterns
  • details of where the noise nuisance is coming from

Report a noise issue