Green Homes Grant - local authority scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

What measures are included under the scheme?

Any measure which improves the energy rating of the property may be included in your workplan. However we will primarily focus on wall, floor, loft, and roof insulation, low carbon heat systems (such as air source heat pumps), energy efficient doors and windows, heating controls and hot water tank insulation.

Which measures are not included?

Gas boiler repairs and replacement are not part of the scheme. Existing double-paned windows may not be replaced, however single-paned windows are eligible for replacement with double or triple paned glass or secondary glazing.

How will quality be guaranteed?

All installers and contractors for the GHG:LAD scheme are TrustMark and MCS registered.

Can landlords participate in the local authority delivery scheme?

Yes. Private landlords and housing associations may apply for a grant on behalf of tenants who meet the eligibility criteria. Landlords are eligible for up £5,000 to cover two thirds of energy efficiency work.

This means you can get up to £7,500 worth of measures installed for a maximum contribution of £2,500.

Can landlords include multiple properties?

Yes. If you have multiple properties within the participating boroughs, you may put as many eligible properties forward for works as you would like, provided you are able to contribute the one third matching funds.

Are landlords limited to £7,500 worth of works?

The maximum grant award for Landlords is £5,000 per property, however, you may agree to additional works with the scheme manager at your own expense.

I do not meet the income or EPC-rating criteria, can I still participate in the Green Homes Grant?

If you are not eligible for Phase 1 of the Local Authority Delivery Scheme (which ends 30 June 2021), you may be eligible for Phase 2 (which runs through 31 December 2021) if you live in an EPC D-rated home or are on housing benefit.

You may call 0800 083 2265 to be pre-screened for Phase 2 or to see if you qualify for other energy efficiency schemes.

You are also able to contact SHINE (Islington Seasonal Health Interventions Network), which works with Harrow Council.

They provide support for residents with all tenure types, around fuel poverty issues and home heating issues. They provide energy advice, fuel debt support and Energy Doctor Home visits. For further information visit the SHINE website.

SHINE accepts referrals for households of any tenure, with an income below £16,190 or where a households member falls under a SHINE target group:

  • Has a disability
  • Has a long-term health conditions worsened by the cold
  • Is a child under 15
  • Is an adult over 60

SHINE contact details

More questions about the scheme

  • Visit Green Doctors to apply

  • Call the GHG:LAD Helpline 0800 083 2265 to speak with our screening team (Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm)