Food hygiene and safety

Make an environmental health complaint

If you have a complaint about a food item purchased from a business or about the premise itself you can email or call the environmental health team on 020 8901 2600.

The matter will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Please understand that the purpose of an investigation is find out how the fault occurred and to ensure that it does not happen again. The purpose is not to get you any compensation.

If you have symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea and suspect these are food poisoning you should contact your doctor who can arrange for faecal sample testing to determine if it is food poisoning and what type.

These symptoms can often be caused by airborne viral gastroenteritis totally unrelated to foods.

If you believe it is food poisoning caused by a business in Harrow then we'd love to hear from you. However about half the food poisoning cases we investigate turn out to have been caused by the cooking practices in the victim's own home.

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