Harrow MEPs

London Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) represent the entire city rather than local constituencies. 

MEPs are under an obligation to represent constituents regardless of political persuasion at the European Parliament.

European elections are held every five years. The most recent one was held on 23 May 2019. 

See the results for the London region.

The eight members elected to represent London are:

Member Party
Irina Von Wiese Liberal Democrats
Claud Ajit Moraes Labour Party
Benyamin Naeem Habib The Brexit Party
Dinesh Damija Liberal Democrats
Scott John Ainslie Green Party
Sebastian Thomas Dance
(commonly known as Seb Dance)
Labour Party
Luisa Manon Porritt Liberal Democrats
Lance Philip Anisfield
(commonly known as Lance Philip Forman)
The Brexit Party


Address: European Parliament
2 Queen Anne's Gate

Telephone: 020 7227 4300