Repeat referrals to Children's Social Care

Our Harrow ambition plan is to continue to safeguard vulnerable children and adults in need of protection and remain pro-active in reducing the risk of abuse within families.

What we measure

We measure the percentage of referrals to children's social care that are within 12 months of an earlier referral.

What is a referral?

A referral is a request for services to be provided by children’s social care and is in respect of a child who is currently not assessed to be in need.

A referral may result in an initial assessment of the child’s needs, the provision of information or advice, referral to another agency or no further action.

Children in need are those who have been referred to the local authority and have been assessed to be in need of services.

These services can include, for example, family support (to help keep together families experiencing difficulties), leaving care support (to help young people who have left local authority care), adoption support, or disabled children’s services (including social care, education and health provision).

How are we performing?

We are performing well, there have been 82 repeats out of 721 referrals. Performance has improved from Q4, and remains within our target range.

You can download details of our current performance

How do we compare with others?

Harrow's re-referral rates continue to be lower than the rest of England. Local Government Inform allows you to access, compare and analyse data, and present your findings online or offline.