One Stop Shop appointments

If you would like to speak with an advisor at the One Stop Shop you will need to book an appointment.

We can only accept appointments for:

  • council tax summons
  • business rates summons
  • rent arrears or eviction notices

Book an appointment

When you have booked your appointment you will be:

  • sent an email to remind you of your appointment three days before your appointment is due
  • required to confirm that you will be attending the appointment - please follow the instructions in the appointment reminder email.

Confirming you will be attending your appointment

It is important that you confirm you will be attending your appointment. If you do not confirm your attendance your appointment will be cancelled and made available to another customer.


Advisors are available to deal with emergency appointments where applicable.

Self-service computers

There are computers available at the One Stop shop, which provide access to all of the council services online. They are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
If you need help to use a computer, there are advisors in the one Stop Shop who can provide you with some guidance.

Drop-in sessions

You can drop in to talk to us about the following:

  • eviction notices and/or notices seeking possession
  • moving home due to fear of violence