Closing Harrow Civic Centre

From February we will start to close the remaining customer services still open in the Civic Centre.

With 99% of our customer interactions now online or over the phone, everyday in-person transactions from mid-February will move to Greenhill Library, off College Road. Staff there will offer residents help to do things digitally, including setting up cashless payments for rent, fines, Council Tax and more.   

Complex and urgent in-person enquiries for housing and social care will move to a new customer reception, on Gayton Road in the town centre. Offices next door will become the new home of Citizens Advice Harrow.  

From mid-February, registering of births, deaths and marriages will move to ‘The Pavilion’ – offices next door to Greenhill Library. Civil marriage and citizenship ceremonies will also be performed at The Pavilion.  

The Mayors Parlour will relocate to Harrow Arts Centre and Council and committee meetings have already been relocated to new venues. 

Most Council staff, including those who manage the thousands of digital interactions from residents, now use an office building at the Council’s depot on Forward Drive as their base. 

Greenhill Library 

All our services can be accessed via the council’s website – it’s easy and convenient.  

For those who need extra in-person help with the web, our new streamlined reception service will be available in Greenhill Library, off College Road.  

Staff there will help to get things done online and set up cashless payments for rent, fines, Council Tax and more.   

You can make payments through our website, by bank transfer and by using our payment line on 020 8424 1220.

This service will be available Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

Address: Perceval Square, College Road, Harrow HA1 1GX

Greenhill Library opening hours

Gayton Road

As the Civic Centre closes, we’re opening another new reception area for complex and urgent in-person enquiries for housing and social care on Gayton Road in the town centre.   

That includes anyone at risk of homelessness or with concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult, especially those not already known to the council. For these areas too, there’s lots of helpful information and resources on our website. 

The reception area will be open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

For emergency contact details out of hours see our Contact Harrow Council page

Address: 6 Gayton Road, Harrow HA1 2FB

The Pavilion 

Harrow’s Register Office and civil wedding venue will also move from the Civic Centre. These services will open in offices next to Greenhill Library, known as The Pavilion from mid-February 2023

The Pavilion will act as a venue for civil marriage ceremonies of up to 50 people. These will be conducted in office hours Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings as required. The library garden space will be available for wedding photographs. We also intend to conduct citizenship ceremonies for up to 25 new citizens at The Pavilion once or twice a week.   

To register a birth, death, give notice of marriage or to book a citizenship ceremony contact Harrow Register Office

Address: Perceval Square, College Road, Harrow HA1 1GX

Harrow Civic Centre 

The Civic Centre is now largely empty and will close completely in February 2023. 

Our new offices are smaller and much cheaper to run. At a time when budgets are tight, it’s a move that makes a lot of sense.  

The large site on which the Civic Centre stands is set to be transformed into a new neighbourhood of high-quality housing. Further details will follow in the coming months. 

How will I be affected? 

Many people will not notice the closure of the Civic Centre because they already use online services via the council website. 

A small number of people still choose to come our reception in the Civic Centre for everyday enquiries. From February this reception will close, and a new one will open at Greenhill Library in the town centre. Staff here will offer help to get everyday things done online and will help people to make cashless payments, including online and via our payment telephone line on 020 8424 1220.   

Cashless payments will also be encouraged in libraries and the register office. 

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