Tell us you're moving home

After you have reported the move or change in tenants

In most cases you will get a bill confirming the change of address. If you have a MyHarrow account you will be able to check the bill online.

If you don’t get a bill within five days your request may need to be looked at by a member of our team.

This can happen if:

  • the date of the change is too long ago
  • the date of the change is more than 14 days in the future
  • the information given on the form doesn't match our records

You may be contacted for further information using the details you provide on the form.

If you are waiting for a closing bill, you must continue to pay until you receive it. If this results in you paying too much you can claim a refund.

What to do if your plans change

If your plans change after you have reported a move, you can report it using the evidence form.