Request a Council Tax refund


I have been given a discount can I get the money back?

If you had a balance on your account and we reduced what you owe, normally you'd get a new bill with lower instalments. If you want the overpayment refunded, please complete a refund form. You'll need to include a covering letter explaining that you don’t want it to be offset.

How will I get refund if I’m not able to get all the signatures?

You will need to provide evidence that you made the payments. Without all the signatures we will not be able to issue the refund, where you were jointly and severally responsible for the council tax.

Does the refund need to be issued to my own bank account?

You'll need to provide a reason why you are asking for the payment to be made to someone else. And you'll need to sign the declaration. This may be queried because normally payment is made back to the person who made payment.

How do I transfer money from one council tax account to another?

To transfer the money between your own council tax accounts, you'll need to complete the refund form. If it's to another persons account then you will need to explain why. This may be queried and delay the request.

What happens if I don’t want to claim refund until a later date?

If it's an open account then any credit is normally used to reduce any current instalments. Or, if it's the end of the year, the credit is used to reduce payments for the following year. The amount of credit used will be shown on the annual bill.