Council Tax reminder notice

Council Tax disputes

Missing payments

If you believe you made the payment on time check your MyHarrow Account to when your payment was received. If you have checked and your payment is not showing you will need to send proof.

Please provide one of the following:

  • your bank or credit card statement showing where your payment has been made
  • a receipt for your payment
  • any other valid proof that you have to show the payment in question

Send the proof and a cover letter to explain what payment has gone missing using the evidence upload form.
You must make any outstanding payments while you wait for a decision on your dispute. A decision can take up to 50 days.

Other reasons for disputing a reminder

If you have not paid while waiting for the outcome of an application then the reminder is correct. You must always pay your Council Tax while waiting for a decision on any type of application. You can use your MyHarrow account to check the progress of your application.

If you have not paid because you cannot afford it, you should check to see if you qualify for a reduction. Recovery action will continue in the meantime if you do not pay.

If you have received a reminder for an address you have moved out of, make sure you have notified us of this using the move form. You must continue to pay your council tax until the closing bill is issued.

If you believe you should not be liable for council tax, you can submit a liability dispute using the evidence upload form. You must pay the amount on the reminder and continue to make payments while you are waiting for a decision.

If you have recently set up a Direct Debit, check your MyHarrow account to see if it has been set up. You will need to pay any instalments shown as outstanding.

If you did not receive the original bill then you can check it on your MyHarrow account. You must pay the amount shown on the reminder. Not receiving a bill or reminder notice is not a valid defence against a summons.