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Council tax frequently asked questions

Will the Direct Debit be taken again if I miss a payment?

No we do not represent direct debits you will need to pay this separately.

I’ve set up my Direct Debit online today, when will my next payment be?

This will depend on the instalment date you have chosen and todays date. This is because we have to give you at least 14 days of a change to your direct debit under the bank guarantee system and we do not extract Direct debit bills every day. To check when your payment will be register for MyHarrow Account and link your council tax account. You can then sign up for alerts and you will be sent a notification of when your new bill is available.

How can I arrange for the last payment I made to be returned as it was taken after moved out of the property?

You may still have owed money which is why it was collected or the move had not been updated when the payment was collected. You will need to check your council tax account on  MyHarrow Account and confirm if there is a credit or debit balance. If there is a credit then in most instances if you used our online forms to tell us about the move then the refund will be raised. Refunds are approved on a weekly basis and the file is sent to BACS on a Friday. The refund will be issued to your bank account by the following Tuesday.

If you didn't complete our online form to inform us of your change of address, you will need to:

I’ve already moved, and closed my account do I need to cancel my Direct Debit?

If you have moved out the borough you will need to contact your bank to cancel the Direct Debit.

If you moved within the borough and we knew your previous address, it is likely that your Direct Debit instruction would have been transferred to your new council tax account, for your new property. You can confirm if the Direct Debit has been transferred by checking your MyHarrow Account and linking your new council tax account number.

If you moved within the borough and we didn’t know your previous address your new account may have been set up without a Direct Debit. You can set up a new Direct Debit online.