Council Tax summons

Attending court

Following COVID-19 the Magistrates Court mandates that you can't attend a Council Tax Court hearing in person. Please only attend Court if you have proof of a timed appointment or you may not be allowed into the building. 

If you believe that you do not owe or should not have to pay the Council Tax, then you must contact us before the hearing. If agreement cannot be reached, the Court may offer you a hearing by electronic means. You will need to contact the Council directly to discuss this.

There are limited defences against a Council Tax Liability Order. In order for the Court to grant a Liability Order, the Council has to prove that:

  • there is an entry in the current Council Tax Valuation list
  • the bill and reminder were posted to the correct address
  • and that you have not paid the Council Tax amount concerned

The following defences are not valid:

  • you have brought your instalment payments up to date
  • you pay every month but not on the due date
  • you have submitted an appeal against the council tax band for your home
  • you have submitted an application for Council Tax Support
  • you have submitted a complaint against the Council

If you believe you have a reason other than those listed above, please contact the Council immediately or use the evidence form so that your dispute can be resolved.

Please read the information sent with the summons from the Court and Council before raising a dispute or requesting a hearing.