Council Tax energy rebate

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If you have received a letter inviting you to apply for a Council Tax Energy Rebate payment, please visit www.councilenergyrebate.co.uk/rebate/harrow

We will regrettably be unable to provide individual updates on payment timescales due to the significant volumes of cases concerned. This includes any requests via our complaint forms or other routes.

Last updated – 15th June 2022

Payment of £150 has now been made to Council Tax Direct Debit payers in bands A to D for the mandatory scheme and band E where a disabled band reduction applies.

Payment of £150 has also been made to Council Tax Support recipients who are Council Tax direct debit payers in Bands E to H for the discretionary scheme with a discretionary scheme payment of £40 also having been made to any other Band E Council Tax direct debit payers.

We are aware that a small number of direct debit payers did not receive their energy rebate payment into their bank account.  This included for example where:

  • The Direct Debit was not in place on 1 April 
  • The bank account name details differ to those of the main Council Tax payer 
  • A Direct Debit was in place before 1 April but recent payment has been made using a different payment method  
  • A Direct Debit was in place on 1 April but no payments using that method have been made in the current financial year or payments that have been debited, have been rejected.   

Letters were issued during the week of 6th June 2022 to Council Tax direct debit payers affected by the above, explaining how to apply for the payment.

Letters for customers that do not pay their Council Tax by direct debit, will be issued from Monday 13th June 2022.

The letter will include a PIN number and a secure web address where you will need to enter your details and confirm your payment preference.

Once you have applied and the details have been successfully confirmed, it will take up to 6 weeks for the payment to reach your bank or Council Tax account.

Please note you will not be contacted any other way, and we would not ask you to share your bank details with us over the phone or by email. 

The Energy Rebate Scheme

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is intended to assist households with rising energy bills.

Most Council Tax Payers whose home is in Bands A to D inclusive, will get the rebate which will be a one-off payment.

You can find out your band at Check your Council Tax band.

You are likely to be eligible for the £150 payment, if you meet the following requirements at the end of the day on 1st April 2022: 

  1. Your home is valued in Council Tax bands A to D. This includes property that is valued in band E but has an alternative valuation band of band D, as a result of the disabled band reduction scheme;
  2. Your home is someone’s sole or main residence;
  3. Your home is either one for which Council Tax is payable (i.e. it is not an exempt dwelling) or it is an exempt dwelling as it is occupied either solely by students, solely by persons aged under 18, solely by persons who are severely mentally impaired or it is an annexe that is occupied by a dependant relative (i.e. Council Tax exemption classes N, S, U or W)
  4. The person who is liable to pay the Council Tax (or who would be liable if the property were not exempt) is not a local authority, a corporate body or other body such as a housing association, the government or a governmental body.

The above means that:

  • A property where all the criteria are met, but where there is a nil Council Tax liability, as a result of Council Tax Support or one of the above exemptions, will be eligible.
  • A property that has no permanent resident and is someone’s second home, will not be eligible.
  • An unoccupied property (for Council Tax purposes), will not be eligible
  • A property that is a “house in multiple occupation” where the “Owner” is responsible for payment of Council Tax and has their sole or main residence elsewhere, will not be eligible.

If you are eligible and currently pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, it is anticipated that the payment will be made into your bank account using those details.  However, where the bank account payee name differs from that of the Council Tax Payer, such as where a third party may be paying the Council Tax on behalf of yourself for example, you will need to apply for your payment.

You will also need to apply for your payment if you do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit.  Details of how to do this, will be sent to you by post in due course and the precise timing of this will be published on this web page.

If you choose to receive your payment into a bank account, you will be asked to provide information to validate and support the process including your bank account details and date of birth.  

Checks will be carried out to ensure that any bank account supplied belongs to you and is registered at the address where you pay Council Tax, and that the name on the bank account is the same name that is responsible for Council Tax.

The same approach as outlined above for Council Tax Direct Debit Payers and non-Direct Debit Payers, will also apply for the purposes of Harrow’s Discretionary Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme, for which a limited amount of funding is available.  

Eligibility requirements for the discretionary scheme are as follows:

  • The property concerned was in any of valuation bands E to H on 1st April 2022 and the Council Tax Payer was in receipt of Council Tax Support on 1st April 2022 and conditions 2 to 4 above applied.  The amount of the award will be £150.00.
  • The property concerned was in valuation band E on 1st April 2022 and the Council Tax Payer was not in receipt of Council Tax Support on 1st April 2022 nor a Disabled Band reduction and conditions 2 to 4 above applied.  The amount of the award will be £40.

Please note that Harrow Council will not be contacting you by phone to ask for your bank details for the purposes of the Council Tax Energy Rebate and will never ask you to provide your bank account details over the phone.  

If you receive any such calls, you should report them, as per the website www.actionfraud.police.uk.