Council Tax energy rebate

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is intended to assist households with rising energy bills.  The mandatory scheme, that was principally available to Council Tax Payers whose home was in valuation bands A to D, is no longer available for applications.  Part of the discretionary scheme, however, currently remains available, but will close on 30th November 2022

Eligibility requirements for the Discretionary scheme (where the applicant is not liable for payment of Council Tax directly to Harrow Council):

  1. An applicant pays an inclusive rent to a landlord (in other words where they are not responsible for paying Council Tax to Harrow Council directly), 
  2. The householder responsible for paying the utility bills will be eligible to apply for an Energy Support payment under Harrow’s Discretionary scheme.  
  3. If fuel service costs are included within the rent and none of the residents in the property are directly responsible for payment of the bill to the energy supplier, one member of the household may apply for a discretionary scheme award.  
  4. This will apply to those occupying a household that is an HMO (house in multiple occupation), or those simply paying a rent that includes council tax.  

The Energy Support Scheme is a discretionary scheme which will be delivered only until 30th November 2022 or until funds run out; whichever comes first. The scheme is to assist Harrow residents only, i.e. someone who lives in a property within the borough of Harrow as their sole or main residence.

This scheme is now closed

Please note that Harrow Council will not contact you by phone to ask for your bank details for the purposes of the Council Tax Energy Rebate and will never ask you to provide your bank account details over the phone.

If you receive any such calls, you should report them to