Council tax court action

Normally queries can be resolved without the need for you to go to court. If you have received a summons, it would be beneficial for you to read our summons webpage.

You have the right to attend court. If you do you will be asked to offer your evidence to the Magistrates as to why a Liability Order should not be made. There are limited defences that the Magistrates can consider at the hearing, your ability to make payment is not a matter that the Magistrates can take into account.

Defences that are not valid

The following defences are not valid:

  • you have brought your payments up to date
  • you pay every month but not on the due date
  • you have submitted an appeal against the council tax band
  • you have submitted an application for council tax support
  • you have submitted a complaint against the council

If you believe you have a reason outside of those listed above please contact the council immediately so that your dispute can be resolved and you can avoid the need to attend Court.

Harrow Council Court Officers will be at the Court at least 30 minutes before the hearing with the aim of dealing with any customer enquiries.

Liability Order hearing

The Liability Order hearing will be at Willesden Magistrates Court.  If you wish to speak to a Harrow Officer it is unlikely that this will be a private interview, which is why it is important to try and resolve your query before the court date.  It will not be just Harrow Council waiting for court time, so there may be a long wait if you wish to go before the bench.