NHS Test and Trace Support Payment

Discretionary Test and Trace support scheme

In exceptional circumstances we may be able to award a payment of £500 to someone who meets all of the criteria in the standard scheme but are not in receipt of a qualifying benefit.  There are three levels of criteria that are considered in the discretionary scheme:

Level 1:

The applicant meets all the criteria in the standard scheme except for receiving a qualifying benefit.

Level 2:

The reason that the applicant does not receive a qualifying benefit must be due to one of the following reasons:

  • They have no recourse to public funds
  • They are waiting to hear the decision of an appeal/mandatory reconsideration into a qualifying benefit
  • They have applied for a qualifying benefit and are waiting for a decision

Level 3:

The applicant is at risk of experiencing exceptional financial hardship because of the loss of income while self-isolating. Criteria to help inform whether someone might experience hardship are:

  • Had an average gross earned income (either through employment or self-employment) of less than £275 a week gross in the five weeks prior to self-isolating
  • Not have more than £400 average joint gross weekly earned income when applicant’s and partner’s joint earned income is combined.
  • Have less than £500 capital
  • Experience extreme financial hardship as a result of being unable to work during the period of self-isolation, including not having other income to alleviate hardship
  • Be unable to access support to meet their needs by other means, such as from another household member

A discretionary payment is to support the applicant in accessing urgent needs. Urgent need is defined as:

  • food or energy fuel for a key meter to last the two weeks when the applicant is unable to work; or
  • any other exceptional urgent need that needs to be addressed during the two weeks when the applicant is unable to work.

The funding for discretionary awards is limited.  If all of the funds have been spent then no awards will be made even if the applicant meets all of the above criteria

Apply for a discretionary test and trace support payment

If you are unable to complete an online form and have no one who can help you please phone 020 8901 2610 for assistance.