Support for Residents

Financial help

The Government has introduced measures to support households experiencing financial disruptions.

We recommend that you read through all the information and links below to find out what support you can receive.

You might qualify for support from more than one source.

Financial support schemes

The government has introduced different schemes depending on your employment status.

Please see the government website for advice if you are:

Check your benefits entitlement

In response to the Coronavirus, the government has increased the amount of benefits that claimants can receive.

Our benefits calculator has been updated to take into account these changes. Use it to find out if you qualify for a range of benefits including Universal Credit and Council Tax Support.

Benefits calculator

If you are already receiving housing benefit then some of the new measures might affect your entitlement. For details see Changes to benefits since the outbreak.

Council tax support

Council Tax Support is a reduction in your council tax if you are on a low income or unemployed. To find out if you are eligible and to apply see Council Tax Support.

Housing support

Payment holidays for residents with mortgages – For details see the Financial Conduct Authority

Extra Support for Renters – Local Housing Allowance rates have increased. This will benefit people renting from private landlords who are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

The increase means that more people will qualify for support. Check what you might receive using the Benefits Calculator.

The government has announced additional protection for renters and a temporary ban on evictions.

Free school meals

Children eligible for free school meals will be offered meals or vouchers as an alternative if they can no longer attend school. For details contact your school.

The Coronavirus Hardship Fund Scheme

Harrow council has received funding from the government to provide support for residents. Funding is limited and will only be awarded if there is no alternative support available.

Please make sure you have claimed all available support above before making an application.

The scheme can provide support in two ways: