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Beware COVID-19 Grant Phishing Email

Businesses are advised to be aware of a suspicious email requesting re-submission of application details in order to receive the COVID-19 Retail, Hospitality and Leisure grant. The e-mail claims to be from the ‘Director of Finance (Section 151 Officer)’.

Do not respond to this email as it is a fraud. It superficially appears legitimate, it is a scam designed to acquire the details of eligible grant recipients. Please raise awareness to your organisations and business communities.

We understand that many business owners will be worried about the impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on the business community.

There will be concerns about what happens to business rate collections and what support will be offered from both the UK Government and Harrow Council.

The government has introduced advice and information to help. Full details of the government measures to support business, employers and the self- employed are available on the gov.uk website.

Reopen Your Business Safely

Information is available for guidance on operating safely. Guidance and advice can change rapidly so you must ensure you keep up to date by regularly visiting the gov.uk website.

Support with Business Rates

You will have received a new bill confirming the extension of the 100% retail relief by now. To support businesses at this difficult time, this was awarded in some cases proactively without a need for an application form . You can check the qualification criteria on the Business rates retail relief page.  If you believe you do not qualify please notify us by submitting a letter using our evidence upload form.

The extension of retail relief is only applicable if the business premises was occupied prior to 11th March 2020 (unless the unoccupied reason was linked to the Coronavirus threat. Please note that evidence may be requested. If you still want to apply you can do this on the Business rates retail relief page.

Note this level of relief and extended types of property is currently set for 2020-21 only and will end on 31st March 2021.

If you are waiting for the outcome of an application, you must continue to make payments as per your latest bill until you are sent a new notice confirming the award. If you have overpaid you can then claim a refund.

Grants to Businesses

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Applications closed on 28th August 2020

The scheme allowed for a flat rate grant of £10,000 for those ratepayers who were in receipt of a reduction under the Small Business Rate Relief scheme or if they were receiving Retail Rate relief and the rateable value of their property was £15,000 or below.

For properties with a rateable value over £15,000 and below £51,000 and receiving Retail Rate Relief the flat rate grant was £25,000.

The Council has now processed over 3000 applications and awarded grants of over £39.5 million to 2721 businesses up to 19th August 2020. This scheme is now closed.

If you have made an application and not yet received payment you will hear from us by 30th September 2020.

Discretionary Small Business Grants

The Discretionary Grant is a cash limited scheme, linked to the amount of funding Harrow receives from Central Government. Once the funds are spent, there will be no further awards of grants regardless that further applications may be received and may be eligible.

The application process is currently closed while we review the applications we have received to date. Should there be sufficient funding available after those reviews are held the application process will be reopened.

Support for your business

Harrow Council's Business Skills Support Programme is designed to help borough businesses navigate their way through the affects  of the Covid-19.

Specialist advisers will offer legal and healthchecks, training workshops, 1:1 advice sessions, as well as peer to peer coaching sessions online. The programme is being delivered by London Business Partnership.

Contact now by emailing [email protected] or find out more.