How the Coronavirus is affecting Parking and Permits

From Thursday 1st October, the relaxation of parking enforcement in Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) will end, following a decision made by the Council for the following reasons:

  1. Residents voted for the CPZs and those who have a permit are being disadvantaged, as those who don’t including non-residents are parking without penalty.
  2. Even though Residents with a permit are being given the elapsed time back as an additional period, up to six months, any continued suspension will continue to impact on them.
  3. The suspension was introduced when there was little or no traffic movement; this is no longer the case even with the current restrictions

Any resident that lives in a CPZ and wishes to park their vehicle on the road during the controlled hours should apply for a Resident’s Parking Permit. However, you cannot apply for a permit to park in a resident bay if you either live in a permit restricted development, or are a non-resident. You will need to make alternative parking arrangements.

Residents that held permits during the 6 months that enforcement was relaxed will be receiving a replacement extended permit to cover the period they held a valid permit.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers will be carrying out advisory enforcement for the First 2 weeks of October, to give people time to apply for a permit or make alternative parking arrangements.

Please note that we are prioritising resources to ensure essential services for vulnerable people remain accessible. Because of this, you may experience some delays in communications.

We ask that you also follow all advice from NHS and GOV.UK to protect yourself and others.

Check back regularly for updates to our frequently asked questions and service updates.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that you have been asking. We will aim to update these regularly.

Can I still report someone blocking my driveway?

Yes, this will be enforced. You should phone parking operations on 020 8424 1858 and if possible, send an email or text as confirmation in case the PCN is challenged.

When the officer arrives they will knock on the door and return to the pavement to await verbal confirmation from you to enforce.

If I am self-isolating, will I get a parking ticket if I do not move my car which is parked in a restricted parking area?

You can park in resident permit bays in the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that you live in without displaying a permit.

If you receive a PCN you can appeal this with proof of the need to self-isolate and your address.  We will cancel the PCN once this is received and verified, as long as your vehicle was parked correctly in a bay in a CPZ.

What qualifies as dangerous and inconsiderate parking?

Enforcement action will be taken where someone has parked on a yellow line, across residential driveways or access points.

If the vehicle which is parked, is the resident’s or a visitor’s vehicle [of the driveway or access point], we will accept proof of residence/letter from resident as an appeal against any given PCN.

I am a carer and need to go on home visit, do I need a parking permit?

If you are a carer and going on a home visit, you will need to display a Healthcare permit. To apply see Parking permits for businesses and healthcare professionals.

Will parking fine appeals still be answered?

Yes, you should follow the appeals/representation process detailed on the back of the PCN as usual. All correspondence regarding PCNs must be in writing, so please do not call the council as officers will not be able to answer your questions.

Do I need to renew my parking permit?

Residents must renew their CPZ parking permit as normal but the issuing process may take longer than usual.

Up to October 31st 2020, a PCN will not be issued to a vehicle displaying an out of date permit that expired from April 2020 onwards, if it is parked correctly in a bay in a CPZ.

Will I get a fine for parking in resident parking spot if I have to work from home?

From October 1st 2020 you will only be able to park in a resident parking bay if your vehicle is displaying a valid residents parking permit.

I am a Health care key worker, will I get a parking ticket if I park in a CPZ?

NHS staff needing to park in CPZs for caring duties need to apply for a Healthcare Permit.
Government issued NHS permits can only be used in Pay & Display parking bays, as long as they are still in date.

London Borough of Harrow issued temporary NHS & Key Worker Permits are still valid in any Pay & Display bay across the borough. Please check the website regularly for the latest information on these permits.

Are car parks and pay and displays still in operation?

All on street parking remains operational and charges will apply in accordance with the applicable Traffic Orders.

All car parks remains operational and charges will apply in accordance with the applicable Traffic Orders.

Check all pay and display machines for payment charges, some machines may be non-operational and as such no charges will apply and no PCN will be issued.

Is PayByPhone still operational?

All PayByPhone locations for each parking area will remain operational as long as pay and display machines are functioning.