How the Coronavirus is affecting Licensing

In order to reduce the spread of infection, a number of businesses and venues across the country must temporarily close and not to open for trade.

The Government have created new regulations to enforce these closures, any business operating in breach of these regulations will be committing an offence.

As a result of social distancing measures, all applications and Temporary Event Notices (TENs) should be sent electronically until further notice.

This can be done on either the GOV.UK website or by downloading and completing the application form by hand, scanning and emailing to [email protected]

We ask that you also follow all advice from NHS and GOV.UK to protect yourself and others.

Check back regularly for updates to our frequently asked questions and service updates.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that you have been asking. We will aim to update these regularly.

Can I still apply for a HMO application?

Yes, you can apply for a HMO by emailing [email protected]

Can I report a suspected HMO?

Yes, you still can but please bear in mind that it may take some time during the Coronavirus as officers are not doing any visits yet.

Can I still apply for changes to my club or premise licence?

Yes, electronic/online applications are currently advised.

Are scrap metal dealers still able to trade?

No, scrap metal dealerships are currently not on the list with the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, the Government are not asking any other businesses to close. View full Government guidance.

Can I still open my premises?

At the moment guidance is to have all non essential service closed. For more information see the central Government Guidance.