How the Coronavirus is affecting Environment and Parks

We have had to close our phone lines for some Environment and Parks services as we are prioritising resources to ensure essential services for vulnerable people remain accessible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but hope you will understand that health & wellbeing is our priority.

With the potential surge of the virus this coming week we are carrying out regular patrols of parks and open spaces.

All gatherings are banned, you must stay at home unless it’s essential or as part of your daily exercise. If you absolutely must go out, keep a distance of two metres from other people.

If you are found in breach of these conditions, you could be fined or prosecuted by the police.

We ask that you also follow all advice from NHS and GOV.UK to protect yourself and others.

Check back regularly for updates to our frequently asked questions and service updates.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that you have been asking. We will aim to update these regularly.

Can I report an abandoned vehicle?

Yes, but please follow the guidance on the webform. Our contractors are currently only removing vehicles that are considered an emergency (such as blocking road junctions)

Can I request an immigration inspection?

At the current time the borders are closed, therefore we are not processing immigration inspections.

Can I report a food or alcohol premises complaint?

Yes, you can report it online.

Will food hygiene rating inspections be interrupted?

Planned inspections are deferred until after 17th April 2020.  We will be following up on all complaints and reacting to any information on non-compliance.

Can I appeal a food hygiene rating score or request a rescore?

You can appeal a score up to 21 days after being notified and your appeal will be considered in line with the brand standard.

You can request a rescore but since visits are suspended it will not be planned until things get back to normal.

Will the council still take enforcement on fly tipping?

Yes, we are still enforcing where we find evidence.

Are scrap metal dealers still able to trade?

No, scrap metal dealerships are currently not on the list with the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, the Government are not asking any other businesses to close. View full Government guidance.

Will the council action noise complaints?

Yes. We ask that diary sheets are completed, and residents need to bear with us as we are running a reduced service.

Can I still open my premises?

At the moment guidance is to have all non essential service closed. For more information see the central Government Guidance.

Do I still need to report accidents and ill health?

Yes our response and investigation work will continue as long as we are able to maintain a service.

Should I complete risk assessments for my employees working with the public?

Yes employers are required to identify the risks to employees whilst at work and to ensure as far as possible their safety.

You should review your risk assessments in light of the additional risk of exposure to harmful pathogens, including the Coronavirus.