How the Coronavirus is affecting Elections and Democratic services

We have had to close our phone lines for Election and Democratic services and run some services with limited email access.

We are prioritising resources to ensure essential services for vulnerable people remain accessible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but hope you will understand that health & wellbeing is our priority.

We ask that you also follow all advice from NHS and GOV.UK to protect yourself and others.

Check back regularly for updates to our frequently asked questions and service updates.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that you have been asking. We will aim to update these regularly.

When is the next scheduled election?

The next scheduled elections are Mayoral and London Assembly elections in May 2021. For more information please see www.londonelects.org.uk.

Will I still be able to contact my local councillor?

Yes, you can still contact your ward councillor online.

Can I still attend the surgery with my councillor?

Unfortunately all councillor surgeries are cancelled until further notice but Councillors can be contacted via the website details.

Can I still get my proof of life certificate stamped?

Due to the current lockdown, Electoral Services are unable to process or stamp Life Certificates.

Will the Mayor be attending any events during this period?

The Mayor will not be attending any events or ceremonies during this time, as all events have been cancelled till further notice.

Will there be any meeting at the council? (Will meetings be rescheduled?)

Keep checking our website for further updates on when meetings will be rescheduled for.

Will the Citizenship ceremony still proceed?

No. The Citizenship Ceremonies are suspended until further notice.

Will citizenship ceremonies be rescheduled?

Keep checking the council website for further updates on when Ceremonies will resume.