Give a notice of marriage or civil partnership

Where to give a notice of marriage

To submit a notice of marriage or civil partnership book an appointment with the register office:

Book an appointment

You and your partner must have lived at your own addresses for at least nine days prior to giving notice.

British passport holders or European nationals with settled status

You and your partner will have to give a notice of marriage at the register office in the borough(s) in which you live, if you hold:

  • a British passport, or
  • you are a European national who holds settled status

If your partner lives in a different borough to you, they will need to give their notice in their borough.

Are you subject to immigration control?

If you or your partner are subject to immigration control, you must go together to a local, designated, register office. Harrow's register office is a designated office.

Religious marriages

If you’re having a religious marriage the documents authorising your marriage will be issued by:

  • the borough in which you live, or
  • the borough where the marriage ceremony will take place

It is your responsibility to ensure that the documents are given to the person who's approved to perform your marriage ceremony. You won’t be able to proceed with the marriage without the documents.

Using an interpreter to give notice

You are welcome to use an interpreter to give notice. You will need to provide your own interpreter and arrange for them to attend the appointment. The interpreter will need to sign the notice in the presence of the registration officer.