Trade waste

What goes in which bin?

Bin type Accepted Not accepted
Grey bin icon

Grey bin
General waste residual

Textiles (try to take to recycle bank), dog and cat waste (bagged), glass cups, vacuum cleaner bags, cling film, plastic bags, plastic toys, polystyrene, plastic plates/cutlery, bubble wrap, saucepans Blue and brown bin waste, rubble, building materials, dry recyclables, organic waste
Blue bin icon

Blue bin
Dry recycling

Aerosols, aluminium foil, cans, tins, card, cardboard, drink cartons, glass bottles, glass jars, paper (all types), plastic bottles, containers, junk mail, yoghurt pots, telephone directories Plastic bags, polystyrene, plastic film, textiles, cling film, bubble wrap, crisp packets
Red bin icon4

Red bin
Food waste

Tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peelings, meat, fish, bones, all cooked and uncooked food Garden waste, plastic bags, bio bags
Garden waste icon

Brown bin
Garden waste

Garden waste, untreated wood, pruned branches 2 cm in diameter, flowers Food waste, soil, plastic bags, flower pots